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Regifting Revival!
A Guide To Reusing Gifts Graciously!
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When I'm not organizing my regift closet,
putting together Regift Starter Kits for friends and relatives,
or housework--- I will be....

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Saturday 12/19 - Landstown High School - Va. Bch, Va Rosemont Forest PTA Winter Craft Fair
Same deal-- book and jewelry.

Wednesday 12/17 (that's this Thurs.) @ Noon ET - The Color of Money Book Club
I will be a "guest" on Michelle Singletary's (Wash. Post) webchat. People can call in or type in, I gues-! Any questions or comments about regifting. If no one calls or types in, I'll have to fill 1 hr with please call or type or whatever if you can! Please don't force me to have to make stuff up...! You can even make up a name....!!

Here's the article if you want to read it:

Wednesday Dec.16 @ 9:00 EST - WBCL Radio Network
I will also be "guest" on a radio show tomorrow, Wed. Thurs. Dec. 16 (that's tomorrow) at 9:00 am. I'm not sure how many can actually get the station since it's in Indiana, but I think you can also listen to it via website.

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Kind Words From a Friend...

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by Gifting_Challenged

Reader Rating: 5 stars

September 13, 2009: Jodi Newbern's wit never ceases to surprise! I will never look at gift giving in the same way! Every gift given/received has a perpetual life! WOW! Jodi's book turns this common custom on its ear/head and just in time to hop on the green bandwagon.
Hysterical read from cover to cover!

As Seen on

Finally!!!! Regifting Revival!

By Denise Dallatore "starving artist"

Reader Rating:5 stars from amazon

September 24, 2009: Finally...a book that is practical, easy to read, and funny! A wealth of new ideas! In these times of penny-pinching, this book is a must!

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Regifting Revival! by Jodi Newbern

In Jodi Newbern's new book, Regifting Revival! A Guide to Reusing Gifts Graciously, with a little creativity, you can turn an unwanted gift into the perfect present.
Synergy Books, $16.95, October 2009, ISBN#: 9780981546292

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alien turquoiseBookExpo America (BEA) is the largest publishing event in North America, and .the largest gathering of book industry professionals, typically attracting between 20,000 – 30,000 people. Aside from approximately 1000 authors, both old and new, who participate in BEA, booksellers (independent, specialty, and chain); book distributors; marketing and publicity professionals; editors, agents; scouts are also in attendence for access to who's who, what's new, what's next, and everything exciting in the world of books. BEA is also attended by assorted film and TV professionals and is covered widely by the media for the attention it brings to upcoming books as well as for the notable authors it attracts to the event itself. This years event was held in New York City May 28-June 1.

As a new author, it was my first (hopefully not my last) experience and it was awesome!. (Check out my blog for more details and pictures) Then add the blog link, which will be

Click Here to view the "Regifting Revival Tool Kit" from the book.
You can even download and print your very own copies to use!

Easy Regifting Reference Guide

gift boxTypes of Gift Givers

  • Generous: always giving gifts for any reason
  • Gratuitous: gives gifts out of a sense of obligation
  • Forgetful: gives gifts at the last minute
  • Grudging: hates giving gifts and wasting money

Types of Gift Getters

  • Genial: loves every gift no matter what
  • Grateful: overwhelming thanks for everything
  • Greedy: always disappointed in amount, never enough
  • Grumbling: complains unappreciatively about every gift

The Fundamentals of Gracious Regifting

Gracious Regifting Fundamental #1: Gracious regifting is the subtle art of reusing gifts that you have previously received by giving them as gifts to someone else in such a genuine, creative, and clever manner that they are still considered to be friendly, tasteful, and favorable.

Gracious Regifting Fundamental #2: Almost any gift received can be regifted, but not all gifts can be regifted in just any way!

Gracious Regifting Fundamental #3: It really can be better to give than to receive. (Just as long as you don’t try to deceive.) It is even better to regift—graciously, of course!

Gracious Regifting Fundamental #4: As a Gracious Regifter, it is good practice to always give a regift better than how you received it.

Gracious Regifting Exceptions

Regift Exception #1: If something has been sitting in storage over a period of time with no particular gift getter in mind, or if any of the products were purchased with the intention of giving them as gifts at some point, then it becomes a “generic regift” and is graciously regifted accordingly.

Regift Exception #2: If an item made, found, or purchased was at some point previously used by, or intended for, yourself or anyone else, and you decide to give it as a gift to someone else, it is still regarded as a regift.

Regift Exception #3: If a newly purchased item is given as part of a gift along with a regiftable item, or a regiftable item is part of a gift that also includes a newly purchased item, whether simply for add-on or enhancement purposes, the entire gift is still considered a regift.

Types of Gifts Gotten That Typically Tend To Get Regifted

  1. no cardThe Alien (What is it? What’s it for?)
  2. The ASOTI (As Seen On TV Item—“But wait, there’s more…”)
  3. The BIB (Bought In Bulk)
  4. The Collectible (excessive additions, also “heirlooms”)
  5. The Perpetual Present (purposely regifted repeatedly)
  6. The Prize Package (won as a prize)
  7. The 2fer (multiple items split into two or more gifts)
  8. The BOGO (Buy One Get One Free items, free with purchase)
  9. The Partial Gift (keep part of gift, regift the rest)
  10. The Upscaler (“cheap” item regifted in “lavish” packaging)
  11. The Freebie (given out at events or from VIPs)
  12. The Souvenir (from tourist shops, airports, special places)
  13. The Do-Over (old gift / purchased used)
  14. The IDer (name or moniker on it)
  15. The Promo (branded with company, business logo)
  16. The Chronic Regift (no one wants it)
  17. The Fab Find (found somewhere and not bought)
  18. The Remarketer (intended for other use)
  19. The TUI (Totally Useless Item)
  20. The Special Consideration Items (SCR’s) (Misc. items that are usually not easily regiftable, but can be with extreme care)

       a. The Gift Card
       b. Food Items
       c. Seasonal Stuff (holiday and special occasion-themed gifts)
       d. Clothing and Shoes
       e. Jewelry
       f. Books
       g. Perfumes, Colognes, Body Sprays, etc.
       h. Toys
       i. Video games, CDs, and DVDs
       j. Power Tools, Electronics, and Small Appliances
       k. Plants and Flowers

Click below to download and print your very own copy of the Regift Inventory Log, and the (Re)Gift Receipt that is in the book, as well as some other Easy Regifting References that are found in "The Regifting Tool Kit" (ch.5, pg.128) so you won't have to rip them out of the book, and then you can graciously regift it!!


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Regift Starter Kit

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Regift Receipt

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Regift Inventory Form







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