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Regifting Revival!
A Guide To Reusing Gifts Graciously!
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You can order the book online from your favorite retailer. Or you can click the link below to order it!


Or you can Buy it Here if you want it personalized!!! Although you can purchase the book in bookstores and other retailers, you can also purchase your copy here from my website RIGHT NOW! If you would like to receive it personally or send it to someone else signed by me. For a limited time, with every copy you will also receive a set of 3 custom-made refrigerator magnets! Woo Hoo!!!! You will undoubtedly be the envy of all of your friends. You can read my book now-- then graciously regift it later!!

At this time I only accept PayPal on-line. If you need to arrange a different payment method, please contact me. (I will not, however, accept I.O.U.s. Sorry, Tom--!) If you have any other questions, requests, comments or suggestions regarding my book, website, blog--- let me know contact me. We're still a work in progress! Thank you all for your support!

$16.95 + FREE shipping!

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Don't forget to post a review! The more reviews that are posted, the more places will list it! The same goes for adding "tags" you think would be helpful.
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For the Real Regifter...
T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Buttons, Magnets... oh My!

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Please NOTE: The (Re)Gift Shop is still under construction.



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